Dieses Seminar wird nur auf Englisch (ohne deutsche Übersetzung) angeboten. Deshalb haben wir uns hier ausnahmsweise auch auf englische Informationen beschränkt. This seminar will be held in English (without German translation). That's why these information are also only in English.

Exited to share with all of you the new informations about Mykonos workshop 3rd Edition


03-10 April 2019

Ready to book your week holiday workshop?
The third edition of Mykonos residential workshop will offer you a new experience of Damien work.

The family contest, the beauty and the strong energy of the island will be a great support for processing the effects of Damien sessions.

The Spring Waking Up week will have as mainly topics: joy, connection with the nature, sexuality, love, health, family and creativity.

The new training technique - recently developed by Damien - will affect your body, organ by organ, activating a process of disconnection and reconnection with the reality. The goal is to approach our daily surrounding with a new sympathetic connection.

The disconnection part will establish the necessary distance from the rumours of the environment - real and virtual - educating the sensorial organs to focus on your inner part.

Once the body has found back its balance from resting from the external distractions and occupations will start the reconnection step.
This delicate moment will train your body - involving different organs - to value the reality according a completely new point of view.

The transformation stage intends to clean all the toxins on two levels - spiritual and physical - reducing the anger, envy, depression, judgment, illusion and expectation aptitude, and brings up joy, happiness and positivity.

The good feelings will not affect only your soul but will change your effective approach to the reality: new way to communicate through your mouth, new way to express yourself through your gestures and body language, new way to look at the surrounding through your eyes, new way to hear, new way to walk your daily path. It will move you to appreciate once again or for the first time the beauty within and of the environment where you live.
Limited numbers available.

Workshop: 800,00 Euro
The amount is exempt from turnover tax according to article 132 (1, i, j) MwStSystRL.

We will book the accommodation for you:

65,00 Euro for sharing room

125,00 Euro for single room.


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